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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

So the Saturday morning was spent doing something I wish I’d been able to do as a kid – looking at hundreds of dead creatures beautifully preserved specimens. Sure, we had (and still have) the Science Centre, but its focus is somewhat broader and just lacks the quantity of specimens available at a proper natural history museum.


Their centrepiece is probably the three sauropod skeletons that they’d brought in from overseas. Having seen the ones overseas, these were less impressive – but I could only imagine what my reaction would have been had I seen this as a kid!


Even the gift shop featured dinosaurs pretty prominently.


The bulk of the exhibits had nothing to do with dinosaurs, though (which makes sense considering we don’t really dig up dinosaur fossils in the region) – most of it dealt with biodiversity, especially around the Southeast Asian region.


They also had plenty of what they referred to as ‘dry specimens’ – mostly stuffed animal skins (at least, for mammals). It was pretty amusing to see that a number of these specimens were somewhat overstuffed, resulting in many sausage-like ‘animals’.


All in all, I found it an extremely enjoyable morning. The entrance fees are pretty hefty given the size of the place, though – would be some time before I consider going again. Hope it survives until then, though!


On Hyperthyroidism

This post mirrored my own experience so well that I just had to link to it. It’s especially interesting to me as hyperthyroidism rarely affects males, so it was good seeing a male perspective of it.

Luckily for me, my mum sent me for diagnosis and treatment a lot earlier, so I wasn’t affected all too much by it (I think). Although it now occurs to me that my eyesight deteriorated somewhat around my JC days – it might very well have been due to a shift in eye position as well!


Just spent quite some time (over the past few days) fixing broken images from the posts in 2008-2010, which were for some reason messed up when migrating over from the previous (self-hosted) domain. If you’re actually subscribed to the feed (which I’d find rather surprising), that’s probably why you’d have noticed dozens of old posts appearing again. Now that I’m done, though, it’s back to regular programming – which is probably something to the tune of a blog post a month (or less)…

Back to Blogger

A new year, a new move. I guess this blog is going into archival mode…

Head on to louistify (on Blogger).

NTU Alumni Office slip-up

Just a day after I’d whined about the inability to conveniently opt out of NTU alumni emails, the universe decides to prove me right and have them commit a massive breach of privacy (albeit accidentally, probably, although someone’s suggested otherwise).

I suppose it was an honest enough mistake – accidentally emailing somebody’s contact details (mailing address, handphone number, even the graduation year from NIE) to the entire alumni email list could happen to anyone, right? I’m pretty amused by the subsequent fire-fighting attempt – how many private emails would be accessed using Outlook? Does a message recall even work outside of your own Exchange server?

I guess I should be kinder (my own university club had forgotten to BCC all recipients in the past, thus accidentally revealing subscribed email addresses), but it’s just so difficult to sympathise with an organisation that sends you unsolicited mail without an easy option for unsubscription.

Thanks for all the fish

I haven’t been blogging very frequently as of late, and though I’m a mere 19 months away from making it to that cool one-decade-of-blogging mark, I think it’s time to call it a day.

I’d started blogging slightly over 8 years ago on LiveJournal, back when I was younger, had more time on my hands, was filled with angst and was probably craving attention – quite the typical teen. Today however, many of these factors no longer apply, and with the rise of microblogging, I find that there simply isn’t much reason for me to continue blogging anymore.

I will probably continue this personal journal of mine on other platforms such as Google Buzz (feed here), which I’m currently using to consolidate most of my personal online activity.

I’ve also created a new blog and currently plan to update as frequently as once every week (time permitting), but since it’s going to be a more professional site, it might end up being rather dry and boring (if this blog wasn’t already), so I guess I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not you’ll be interested in checking it out.

So I guess this is it, then!


What would you do if your boss keeps misspelling your name? =/

Facebook event list

Wonder if this is a common occurrence among ethnic Chinese around the Lunar New Year period. A Facebook event list filled with CNY events – anyone?

(I’m sure it could be longer, but my Facebook social life isn’t particularly happening)

South Park shout-out on The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been rather… lacklustre of late, but they do have some pretty amusing (random?) gags within the episodes – the most recent episode has a short bit where four of the kids are dressed up like South Park characters, paralleling the typical South Park bus stop scene. Hilarious!

Facebook spying

I had some Facebook friend requests from students as early as during my practicum, and I’d deliberated for some time before deciding to accept those requests. The basic idea was that hey, I don’t really have much that I’m hiding anyway, plus it seemed like a way to get to know the kids better. I don’t actively stalk their profiles (who has the time?), but occasionally some really funny gems end up on my main page anyway.

Essentially, the head prefect had failed to write his name on his examination script, and when the discipline master (who was invigilating) made a fuss about it, he’d sheepishly owned up – much to his classmates’ amusement. I wish I’d been there! =P

This one was rather sad really. Here we see ‘elite school’ kids bragging to each other about… how little they study. Which is totally funny (painfully funny? funnily painful?), because of course I wasn’t doing anything of the kind a decade ago!

(…or was I? I can’t really remember. But I suspect it’s possible. How very depressing!)