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Starred Eats

So there’s a Singaporean edition of the Michelin Guide now, and I can now go about saying that I’ve dined at x Michelin-starred restaurants (where x is a number greater than 1).

(The convoluted statement above is a result of my having visited the original Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong back in 2011, when it was still the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant – though its rapid expansion and franchising has admittedly made it a lot less special.)

That number has now quadrupled, and I can also boast of having visited a two-starred restaurant – huzzah! To be honest, I don’t even know of half of the restaurants on the list (not that big a foodie, I guess? Plus budget constraints); I’m surprised to have as many as I currently do! So, without further ado – presenting my (local) Michelin star trophy list:

1) The Song of India *

2) CUT *

3) L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon **

Does that make me a four-star Singaporean foodie (kinda like Germany and football)? Is my life mission now to collect more stars to add to the collection? I don’t really think so, but I am rather curious about all those other places I’ve never eaten at – will probably try some of them out sometime down the line…


Sous vide adventures redux

I’ve had an Anova sous vide circulator for some time now, and though I’ve been using it for steak (not a bad use of it, by any chance), it did seem a bit of a waste not to explore any other uses of the device.

So when we hosted a Boxing Day dinner this year and the opportunity presented itself for us to prepare a pork loin by sous vide, I was pretty pleased with the results. I think we could probably have left more fat on the meat (we’d asked for most of it to be left on the skin, which we roasted in the oven separately), and perhaps we could have tried a lower temperature than 60°C (we were somewhat wary of going to the rare side with pork), but it did result in a beautifully juicy pork ‘roast’.

Pictures of the prep process follow, accompanied by sous vide technician BB-8.

Making marinade

Preparing the meat

Marinating the meat

Packed and ready for cooking!

Undergoing sous vide

Just some stir fry

Prepared dinner last night… Haven’t really cooked properly in awhile, so I had actually forgotten about the extra time required for marinating meat, cooking rice, and even soaking dried mushrooms… had foolishly expected to just chop stuff up and fry them whenever I felt hungry. College seems like a lifetime ago, now!

Anyway, it wasn’t perfect, but was still quite edible (I think). Not too bad for an amateur! Surprisingly, I’ve actually missed cooking…it feels kind of therapeutic. Or perhaps it’s merely having enough time to do it?

beschuit met muisjes

Those muisjes things contain aniseed. I must say, I’m not a big fan. =/

It is a Dutch tradition to treat guests, friends and colleagues to “beschuit met muisjes” (“biscuit with mice”) to celebrate the birth of a son (blue mice) or daughter (pink mice). According to my wife, this “treat” is disgusting and unsuited to the Asian palate. However, if you feel brave and want to give it a try anyway, do make your way to the pantry sometime today.

Gallivanting around town

I’d got a free eat@Meritus card through the OCBC credit card promotion and am thus currently enjoying 50% off meals at the Chatterbox (when dining as a pair). I actually quite enjoy the chicken rice there, although since that was the only thing I’d tried I thought I should experiment a little. I got myself a Nasi Goreng Istimewa, and Ailin ordered the Lobster Laksa, but they were rather… lacklustre. Certainly not worth the high prices, even after the discount. I’m sticking to chicken rice in the future!

(We also had fun with the Marché cow at 313@somerset. It’s nice to see Marché making a return in Singapore, although I don’t think I’ll be eating there anytime soon.)

Toast Box is currently giving out free drink vouchers to bribe you into voting for them for ‘Best Brands’ or something, so all you need to do is to approach people in the shop who are giving out surveys and send a SMS text message in front of them (after filling in a very short survey) to receive a free voucher. The text message costs 20¢, so it’s not entirely free, but that’s a pretty good deal nonetheless!

Ippudo Singapore soft launch

Ippudo’s finally arrived in Singapore, and after a failed attempt to get in yesterday (the queue was too long so we didn’t bother waiting), we plotted to get there when it opened today at 1130 and voila! We procured our ramen fix.

The ramen was pretty pricey at $15++ (add extra meat to your meal and you’ll probably end up paying in excess of $20), but wow, was it tasty! The broth isn’t as sinfully (porkily) thick and delicious as Daruma Taishi in Japan, but it was well mixed with garlic oil and miso to create a beautiful blend of flavours. This might now be my favourite ramen place in Singapore, topping even Yoshimaru.

They even included a comic (in English, Japanese and Chinese) in the restaurant explaining the intricacies of ordering ramen, presumably for (Kyushu-style) ramen newbies. I’d found it pretty confusing initially, until I realised that the panels are arranged in a right-to-left manner, the way Japanese manga is. Amusing stuff.