Sometime in 2001, my friend Lynette started a LiveJournal. Shortly after, I decided it was cool and got one of my very own. Being a teenager, I proceeded to populate it with hair-cringing mopey posts of angst.

In 2003, after having graduated from junior college, I decided that LiveJournal didn’t offer enough customisability for me and registered lo5t.blogspot.com (now defunct). Perhaps that was a premonitory act by the Googlefan within me, since Blogger was acquired by Google just a month later. I continued archiving my life in the army there, until I was due to go overseas for further studies, whereupon I registered lostinyork.blogspot.com to use while in university.

Sometime during my final year of studies, I got wind of a lifetime hosting plan which allowed me to pay a one-time payment of US$95 to get my very own domain name and webspace for, errr, 99 years? Thus was thecoffeespoon.net born, and after graduating from university I decided to start a new blog, collating all my old blogs into it as well.

And then, as all good things tend to, the free ‘lifetime’ hosting essentially came to an end. So, a migration to WordPress.com – basically this site contains all my past blogs PLUS all the new stuff for hopefully the rest of my internet life.

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