So I’m now (kinda) a published writer! On a platform that has a readership higher than one, anyway. =)

Almost (but not quite) a year ago, I’d resolved to start blogging on a weekly basis – if nothing else, to keep the writing muscle active. Along the way, I’ve struggled with generating content (I lead a rather boring life, I suppose) and occasionally missed the target. I also started following some travel-hacking blogs such as One Mile at a Time and The MileLion, and eventually ended up doing some travel-related posts of my own, primarily to record my own memories of travel experiences.

One of the wife’s colleagues apparently saw one of those posts and commented that people would be interested in reading them. Since I was essentially creating content that’s rather similar in style to the stuff I was reading, I figured this was probably true, and one day I emailed Aaron of The MileLion about the possibility of guestwriting.

And so, here we are. Since I now have a platform with relatively decent readership to contribute to, I think I’ll be pushing most of my leisure writing energies in that direction for now – other than mirroring my existing content, I intend to eventually contribute a few posts of my own.

I guess that updates on this platform will be becoming sporadic once more. All in all, I’m rather glad about how this whole thing has turned out!


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