Writing in green

So I’ve been called back for a reservist course and one of the pieces of pre-course homework is a 500-word essay. I kid you not. Since I had to write one anyway, I figure this should also count as my weekly blog post!

What are your thoughts on becoming a Signal CSM?
To fully understand my thoughts on becoming a Signal CSM, it might be best to begin by recounting my NS experience..

It all began in the typical Singaporean manner – enlistment as an NSF, beginning with BMT. I can’t say that I was thrilled to go through NS; but I understood its need and could appreciate having to do my part for the country’s defence. In the typical Singaporean manner, I discharged my duties as I waited for the end of the two (and a half) year service period.

After ORD, I went off to further my studies and left my NS duties behind for a number of years without being called back. Somewhere along the way, though, I was assigned a unit – and thus began my journey as a NSman.

It had been almost 8 years since I had donned the green uniform – and my NSF experience had been as an instructor, not an active unit – so I was really apprehensive about what to expect. I didn’t really remember very much, and fully expected to be completely useless in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, my reservist unit was used to taking in ‘blur sotongs’ like me, and eventually I figured out enough to get by during ICT.

I still didn’t really have much idea of what the overall organisation of the Bde Signal Coy is, though, or its exact operational role. As an individual spec within the Coy, I never really needed to find out – I just needed to fulfil my assigned duty and all would be right. Having been nominated to take on the CSM role, though, that will have to change – having a bird’s eye view of the situation would be beneficial (and even necessary).

Other than supporting the Signal OC in operational matters, the Signal CSM would also be responsible for day-to-day administrative matters, including the overall welfare of the Coy. This is a responsibility I take seriously, as I believe that an having happy personnel working efficiently on assigned tasks would surely boost the effectiveness of a unit.

To be frank, I suspect that one of the main reasons I was nominated to take on the CSM role was my relative newness to the unit (thus having a longer ‘runway’ than the other specialists). That said, I have been discharging my duties responsibly and efficiently, and will hopefully continue to do so as a CSM in the future. The additional responsibility is a bit of a burden as a NSman, but if I am able to help sustain and even improve my unit’s effectiveness, that would be a burden I am indeed willing to take up.


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