The subjective merits of keeping cool

I’ve been told a few times now by colleagues that I exude an aura of calmness; and that they do rather appreciate this – especially colleagues from my previous supervisory role. It’s not that I don’t care about stuff; I just think it’s fruitless to worry about things outside of my control and I’m usually able to focus on other things instead.

(Of course, I’ve encountered problems that captured my attention, but those tend to be the exception more than the norm.)

At the same time, a previous supervisor had once commented that I’m too laid back – and that I was possibly affecting the officers under me as well. It might be due to the differences in my job scope as well, but given that my current supervisor seems to also appreciate my level-headedness, I suspect a lot of this is about personal values, as well?

It’s no wonder some people consider their immediate boss to be among the biggest considerations for taking up (or leaving) a job…


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