Just a hobby?

Screenshot 2016-07-31 21.31.22

When you start seriously considering flying complicated routes through (Southern) Africa just to experience flying first class on the cheap, you know that this hobby’s really got a hold of you.

I suppose I first got a taste of the miles game almost a decade ago, when I first redeemed miles towards upgrading my final flight back home. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have possessed elite flyer status and occasionally been upgraded as well, allowing me many more opportunities to experience flying in premium cabins.

Ultimately, though, chasing such experiences can be a rather time- and money-consuming activity, though. I eventually decided that I couldn’t quite justify the time and monetary expense and gave up on the idea.

As someone who’s generally rather keen to minimise unnecessary expenses, I’ve been having trouble reconciling my enthusiasm for premium travel experiences (as far as flying and accommodation goes) with my desire to save up. I know that these are ultimately unnecessary expenses (even in the form of opportunity costs, for earning miles via credit cards rather than cashback, for instance), but I’ve eventually rationalised that my personal enjoyment of these experiences is simply high enough to warrant the investment during holidays.

I’ve currently got three bigger trips planned over the next year and will likely be archiving those experiences here in time to come – they’ll help contribute towards my blogging quota, and I find it’s a happy way of keeping those travel memories fresh!


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