Late to the Party

Ah, the perils of (amateur) travel hacking…

So I’ve previously been vaguely aware of the idea of using a prepaid card to increase mileage earn on general spend, but didn’t think it’d be worth the trouble (and expense) getting it done.

Recently, though, having more frequently enjoyed the fruits of miles accumulation, I figured that paying 1¢ for 4 miles (or, more accurately, 2.7 miles more than I usually do) isn’t that bad, since I kinda value 1 mile at 2¢ each.

So late last month I decided to get into the game by getting myself a FEVO card to pair with the DBS Woman’s card (yes, men can apply for it too) but it seems like the terms & conditions of the latter has just been updated to exclude prepaid cards.

In short, it seems like I’ve sunk a small sum of money (and effort) purchasing the card and topping it up… all for naught!

Maybe it’s time to consider getting that HSBC Advance card?


Posted on June 12, 2016, in Money, Travel. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Can i confirm you are still getting points via WWMC?

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