Google Local Guides

So I’ve recently taken to submitting updates on Google Maps. This is a large part due to their Local Guides programme, which awards some perks in recognition of contributions. I’ve not really enjoyed said perks very much yet (the one that attracted me the most was the possibility of early access for new apps, but I’d missed one such opportunity as I hadn’t contributed sufficiently at that time), but it’s been pretty fun uploading stuff, especially since I’ve been cataloging some shots of places for my Project 366, anyway. 

What I’ve found especially motivating, actually, were these auto-generated mailers congratulating me on the popularity of my pictures. From what I can tell, the popularity is derived more from the popularity of the actual place and the scarcity of current pictures for the location, rather than the actual quality of the picture – for instance, my first photo to exceed 1000 views was an old one for the YUSU shop on the University of York campus, while the current high-scorer at 3000+ views is a picture of the Habit outlet we’d gone to on our recent trip to NYC.

Ultimately, I know these figures aren’t really all that meaningful – but it’s certainly rather motivational to receive quantitative data that these contributions are of use to people out there!


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