The Final Solution [Tales from Vault 103]

In the previous instalment of the Tales from Vault 103 series, I shared about how adorably cute the Fallout Shelter kids could be, spouting statements that hint at a seemingly universal human desire for freedom in the vast, open world.

Once they grow up, though, they lose their adorability and the mediocre offspring end up consuming scarce resources better kept for future gifted offspring. The game allows you to simply eject unwanted dwellers from your vault, but I suspect that after a few weeks focusing on training dwellers I was itching for something more dramatic.


As it turns out, the solution to this problem came in the form of the exploration function.


The game allows you to send dwellers out into the Wasteland on exploration missions to look for resources and to level up the dwellers. They tend to do better if properly equipped and/or trained with higher stats.

As it turns out, you can also send an unequipped Level 1 dweller out into the Wasteland to fend for themselves, which is what I proceeded to do with my newest mediocre dwellers.


The game allows you to track the progress of each explorer, and here we see the grown-up Harry Young living his dream of sneaking out into the open and checking for signs of rain.


Starting out practically naked (for gaming purposes), Harry manages to find a Junior Officer Uniform and give himself a slight boost to his stats during his expedition.


As it turns out, though, that isn’t enough to survive for long in the harsh and cruel Wasteland.


I’d decided that if any of them did find rare or legendary loot, which would have necessitated me recalling them to claim the goods, they would have earned them the right to reside in the vault despite their genetic inferiority. I’m not a monster! To date, though, none of the mediocre offspring have been able to find any such spoils in the Wasteland.

Since I’ve stopped playing the game, I guess they never will… and thus ends the grim, dystopian series of Tales from Vault 103.


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