Those darned kids [Tales from Vault 103]

In the previous instalment of the Tales from Vault 103 series, I discussed how the desire to set up an efficient system for repopulating the vault had resulted in a community of elites and commoners, a world where only the elites are deemed worthy of procreation – funnily enough, a gamer bent on min-maxing ends up making decisions rather similarly to a ruthless efficiency-driven dictator.


Now, kids say the darnedest things, and regardless of their stats these children can usually be spotted mouthing off the funniest quotes. Take for instance Diana Wilson here, ruminating on the existence of mutant hamsters in the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland.


Or little Donna King, wondering if there are any kids out in the Wasteland.


This particular batch of kids included a precocious little Harry Young, who would ponder the meteorological conditions of the world above…


…and even consider breaking the rules in order to find out.


How adorable. How cute. I wonder what the future holds for them? We’ll find out in the next (and final) instalment of Tales from Vault 103.


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