Eugenics [Tales from Vault 103]

I’ve kinda stopped playing the game now, but towards the end I found that I’d (unintentionally) created a dystopian society in my little Fallout Shelter vault. I’ve already explained the basic premise of the game in my earlier post, but in order to to understand how this came to pass, some further explanation is probably required.

Essentially, one of the ways to populate your post-apocalyptic underground dwelling is by… breeding your existing dwellers. The quality of the offspring is loosely based on the stats of the parents (though chance still plays a big part), which is why I’d spent a large part of my playthrough training up and maximising the stats of some of my dwellers…


…and then essentially using them as elite breeders.

So what happens to the other non-elite dwellers? Simply put, they don’t get to breed – they do their part producing food and water for the rest of the vault (though the elites do it better), but since the fully-trained elites have a better chance of producing superior offspring, I decided not to bother letting the unskilled repopulate.

And that is when I realised I had recreated the eugenics policies of 80s Singapore in my fictional post-apocalyptic environment.


It’s not a perfect system. As you can see, even fully elite parents produce mediocre children – a waste of limited spots within the vault, if you ask me (meanwhile, the most gifted of this particular batch of kids comes in the form of a balding child by the name of Gregory King).

Still, it’s efficient. And kids aren’t all that bad – they consume half the resources and can be pretty fun to have around. The next instalment of Tales from Vault 103 explores the lighter side of kids in Fallout Shelter (whether gifted or not).


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