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Boxer’s Trip

I don’t know what came over me earlier.

It was so odd, seeing all the animals running after me – I didn’t think so many of them would send me off like that. Comrade Napoleon must have made special allowances for that. It must have been this confusion that got to me – I’d misheard what Clover was saying to me and reacted in a shameful man-like way, trying to smash my way out of the ambulance. I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble.

It was nice that Benjamin was there as well; good ol’ Benjamin. I was astonished to see him running. I guess he really cares about me, though he’d never say it – nope, not Benjamin, that silly donkey. He acts like he doesn’t care about anything; that the Revolution doesn’t excite him in the slightest. He’s so cynical. I keep telling him that we must have faith, that we must trust in Napoleon’s plan.

That’s real faith, you know? Benjamin doesn’t get that; he doesn’t understand that there are good days and there are bad, but this is all within Napoleon’s plan. Trust Napoleon, work hard, and in the end we will all get to Sugarcandy Mountain.

Comrade Napoleon is always right.

It’s not that easy, though. Some of the others think that it’s effortless for me, but it’s not. It’s not easy, working hard. But that’s how I help, you know? Do what Napoleon says and put my heart and soul into it, and I help make everyone’s lives better.

I will work harder.

I’m so tired. The ambulance seems to be slowing – we must be near the end, now. I will work harder once I’m better, but right now I think I will just rest for a bit. I think… maybe, this time, I’ve earned it.

(This is pretty much fan fiction – following up Boxer’s last appearance in Animal Farm.)



Sir, the report is in. They
say you had an
Ashley Madison

That can’t be. Clearly,
I was hacked!
We must improve

Sir, that will affect
Thousands of workers across
the organisation-

It’s fine. We can never
Be too careful with
Make it happen.

(Inspired by a theory the wife had regarding the elevation of internet security.)

30-day Writing Challenge

So some of us in the office are embarking on a 30-day writing challenge (where we would, for a month, attempt to write stuff based on prompts surfaced by each other). I suppose that, for the next few weeks, I might just opt to share some works churned out during this period.

Underground sweat shops [Tales from Vault 103]

So I’ve been kinda addicted to Fallout Shelter of late – it’s basically a really simple game that revolves around building up your underground dwelling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and managing its many denizens. Not a new game; but after Fallout 4 was released I got interested in the universe again.

And I know it’s politically incorrect to say this, this view of six pregnant ladies collaborating in the crafting of a weapon has me in stitches. Hee hee.

Hilton APAC flash sale

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.52.35 PM

This is pretty late into the sale already, plus no one visits this blog to be informed about such offers, so thought I’d just catalogue my savings (spending) for personal reference. =)


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 4n @ 59,661 JPY (approx. S$180 per night, with further 25% reduction from Citi Prestige 4th night free)


Conrad Bangkok 2n @ 7,344.48THB (approx. S$140 per night)

So I consider myself a bit of a travel hacker, and have managed to get comped to HHonors Diamond this year through a fortuitous combination of complimentary status from my old Platinum Card (now cancelled) as well as an extremely generous status match being offered at the end of last year. The main advantage of Diamond over Gold (which I’d previously comped through a Visa Infinite offer) is that lounge access is guaranteed, regardless of actual room upgrade awarded – though I’ve had pretty good luck with stays as a Gold member thus far, I thought I should make better use of my Diamond status before it expires next March.

So I’ve got Tokyo and Bangkok lined up – and it’s actually a repeat visit to Conrad Bangkok (I quite enjoyed my stay there over the Easter weekend). At this point, I probably have a working trip to the UK in June as well – looking forward to making good use of the Diamond status then!