Deep work, or the lack thereof

…knowledge workers spend 70-85% of their time attending meetings (virtual or face-to-face), dealing with e-mail, talking on the phone or otherwise dealing with an avalanche of requests for input or advice. Many employees are spending so much time interacting that they have to do much of their work when they get home at night.

The collaboration curse, The Economist, Jan 23 2016

My office hours this year have been pretty packed, mostly occupied by meetings and training sessions. While they’ve (mostly) been productive – thankfully! – that does lead to a paucity of time available for ‘deep work’.

So when I stumbled upon this article (shared on Facebook), it really resonated with me – in fact, it’s something I’d remarked to my team leader earlier in the month. Apparently my remark also struck a chord within him, and he’s trying to get more of his work done early in the morning rather than late at night (by switching to a 7:30am reporting time).

I’m still enjoying my work, but I really hope this is a situation that will change for the better, later – I definitely want to ensure I get some leisure time of my own, too!


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