Back to Android (trial)

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching back to Android for some time now, especially with the latest generation of Nexus phones (5X, 6P). I use so many of Google’s services, it only seems logical to make use of the native platform that has apps optimised for them. It’s been quite awhile since my Nexus One (my last Android mobile phone), though, and I didn’t really love the platform that much when I’d borrowed my friend’s Nexus 5 to use for awhile.

Still, I figured I should give the platform a fair trial – I was using a device two generations old (I felt it was sometimes not very responsive). Its specs were not comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus I was used to, which hardly made it a fair comparison. So I decided to look out for a second-hand Nexus 6P to try out with lower risk (since I had bought it at a lower price, the cost incurred would be lower should I need to resell it).
 And so the experiment begins! I plan to use the 6P as my primary device until the end of the month or so, after which I’d decide whether or not to keep it. I’m currently finding the Android interface to be rather foreign (things have changed since Gingerbread), but I suppose I should have gotten over that by the end of three weeks!


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  1. I’m using the Nexus 6p too.

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