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Black Friday on PlayStation Store

Have been doing some Black Friday shopping of my own – these games have been on my wishlist for some time now, so now that they’re more affordably priced I thought I’d get a bunch of them.

Now, if only I actually had time to play them all!

psn shopping


Awaken the Force Within

Google Star Wars

A rather simple concept, providing small cosmetic changes to various Google Apps such as lightsaber progress bars in YouTube…

Lightsaber YouTube

…to additional icons in Google Maps.

X-Wing Maps

It’s not actually that earth-shattering, but little things like these do add to the hype. Well done, Google!

Radio discipline in the 21st century


In the army, I was trained to operate radio sets. Those sets were generally capable of only simplex transmission, meaning that only one party was able to transmit at a time (otherwise, the competing sets would risk drowning each other out). Out of necessity, we learned a certain protocol we were supposed to abide by when dealing with operational radio communication.

Today, in the civilian context, one of my pet peeves is the messiness of group chats in instant messaging (e.g. WhatsApp). With the proliferation of smartphones in recent years, instant messaging has become possibly the most common form of group interaction (at least, for me), and when you don’t frequently check your phone, it’s easy for unread messages to pile up. While instant messaging serves as a great platform for mass synchronous communication, it’s a pretty crappy mode for asynchronous communication, since these inattentive users tend to become overwhelmed with dozens (even hundreds) of unread messages.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but in both work-related and private chat groups, I’ve seen many people using IM group chats in ways that it is not intrinsically optimised for – this really annoys me! When people send long messages that are better digested via email, or random links that are better disseminated via social media, it really bugs me that these individuals think nothing of pushing out messages directly into others’ personal devices so indiscriminately.

Is this strange? Am I being overly opinionated on this issue?


So I’ve missed one update. Guess it was bound to happen, sooner or later. =P Work’s picked up somewhat, lately. I’d try to keep to the weekly update frequency, albeit just shorter bite-sized posts, else I’ll likely stop writing altogether!

This past week it’s really struck me how beneficial it could be to have a role model of leadership style to work towards, in term of professional development. I have scoffed at the idea previously, but even something like the gender of this role model makes a difference – if nothing else, it makes it more likely that this style is something you’re more likely to be able to pull off.

This is a pretty late realisation, and I wish I’d figured this out (and had such a role model available) earlier in my working life, but I suppose it’s never too late to learn!