Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

So the Saturday morning was spent doing something I wish I’d been able to do as a kid – looking at hundreds of dead creatures beautifully preserved specimens. Sure, we had (and still have) the Science Centre, but its focus is somewhat broader and just lacks the quantity of specimens available at a proper natural history museum.


Their centrepiece is probably the three sauropod skeletons that they’d brought in from overseas. Having seen the ones overseas, these were less impressive – but I could only imagine what my reaction would have been had I seen this as a kid!


Even the gift shop featured dinosaurs pretty prominently.


The bulk of the exhibits had nothing to do with dinosaurs, though (which makes sense considering we don’t really dig up dinosaur fossils in the region) – most of it dealt with biodiversity, especially around the Southeast Asian region.


They also had plenty of what they referred to as ‘dry specimens’ – mostly stuffed animal skins (at least, for mammals). It was pretty amusing to see that a number of these specimens were somewhat overstuffed, resulting in many sausage-like ‘animals’.


All in all, I found it an extremely enjoyable morning. The entrance fees are pretty hefty given the size of the place, though – would be some time before I consider going again. Hope it survives until then, though!


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