Treat yourself!

So Citibank sent me a bunch of vouchers to be used during my birthday month, one of which was this $100 voucher for kimrobinson.


My first thought on seeing this voucher went something along the lines of “what on Earth is this kimrobinson thing?”, but after conferring with the wife, I foud out that this was a (rather pricey) hair salon. Having only previously had my hair cut at neighbourhood barbers and (later) Japanese-style quick cut places, this was a whole new unexplored realm to me. Armed with the voucher (which took about 70% off the price), I proceeded to end my third decade of life with a cleanse, cut and finish.


Locating the place was a bit of an adventure of its own (actually, I lie – it was pretty much right by the escalator). Well, I had never noticed the place before, anyway. Guess I usually just never mentally register these places!


So I guess it as an interesting enough experience, with a complimentary drink served after arrival (I’m told that’s quite usual in proper salon). I’ve never had my hair shampooed (and scalp massaged) as an adult before, and I thought the plastic visor they stuck on my forehead to prevent hair from getting into the eyes was pretty ingenious. I suppose the cut was of better quality, too. My greatest takeaway was a reminder that it was possible for scissors to be used almost throughout, rather than an electric razor.

(It occurs to me that these are probably rather trivial details to the seasoned visitor of the salon, but funnily enough, as a first-timer it was little things like these that struck me!)

All in all, a pleasant enough experience, but I find it hard to justify spending 400% of my usual haircut budget for a repeat visit, let alone 1400%!


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