So with the recent news of the passing of a former colleague*, the idea of mortality comes to mind once more. It isn’t really new – with every relative’s passing the idea comes floating around once again. It doesn’t help that all my grandparents are gone, now – the next to go will be from my parents’ generation.

On a personal note, I guess I’ve started making bigger investments to maintain some sort of a healthier lifestyle, like purchasing an air filtration device, eating more moderately – I draw the line at vigorous exercise, though; it seems somewhat counter-productive to me to expose your body to additional risks in an ironic bid to keep yourself fit.

As a child, I used to be really afraid of death – now, I don’t particularly fear it; though the prospect of a slow and painful passing is rather sobering. Death is, after all, simply the bookend that everyone face at the end of their own lives.

On the plus side, I guess I’m currently leading a life with relatively few major regrets?

*Having practically never interacted with him, it doesn’t really affect me much more than generic sadness at the passing of a fellow human – he was already a teacher when I was a student at the school, but mine was apparently one of the batches he didn’t actually teach.


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