Thought I’d just share just how that makeshift LKY shrine came to be – the result of my very own Clients From Hell experience.

So it all started when I acted on a suggestion to set up a small window display at the school library showcasing his books. I decided to work on a simple sign to accompany it using some graphics from a news site. I got really into it and went on to print and laminate it myself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.03.08 am

So I decided to share it with the committee in charge of the library before putting it up – just as well that I did, although it was a rather painful experience, since there was rather widespread opposition to the sign.

So, on the advice of some friends, I proceeded to remedy the problem of the missing mouth.


No, I jest.

I ended up finding a photograph and replacing the graphic in question entirely. What really annoyed me, though, was the rationale provided for the requested change. Perhaps it simply wasn’t communicated clearly – if the decision to replace the picture came about because the graphic didn’t look dignified enough or something, I could understand. But really? Was it solely because a stylistically omitted facial feature was unacceptable?

So, what could I do with the existing poster? Since I was the only one who seemed to appreciate it, I decided to put it up at my desk. And there it remained for the next two months, uncaring of criticism and others’ opinions – much like the old man himself.

(Except that he has no mouth.)


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