Orchard Road Pedestrianised


So, I was in the area and decided to check out Orchard Road on its inaugural Pedestrian Night last Saturday.



All in all, thought it was a rather disappointing experience – I know it was supposed to be tennis-themed, but the dedication of so much of the floor space (almost 50%?) to the tennis courts left too little walking space for the actual pedestrians. The road barriers – so useful in reducing jaywalking during normal days – also worked to exacerbate the situation, leaving few options for escaping the crowd for those trapped in the narrow corridors of walking space around the tennis ‘courts’. And though there were some stalls present, they were all tennis-themed as well, leaving very little for the tennis non-enthusiast to appreciate.


The area I most enjoyed was, in fact, a zone populated by plastic chairs sponsored by IKEA. Think they got the idea right – a pedestrianised Orchard Road would be a great place to just chill in the evening, preferably with food stalls nearby selling offerings from vendors such as Krispy Kreme and llaollao.

A venue for night picnics, so to speak?


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