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Fanning the Flames

Screenshot 2013-12-27 11.17.14

So, the above is the sum totality of the draft I’d saved back on 1 Jan 2014. About a third of a year later, I’m back to finally complete that annual act of introspection…

…except I’ve got nothing much in mind, really. 2013’s gone and past. I could say that it was a time of growth, that it was when I really started growing into my leadership position at work. I could write about how it was my first time guiding a graduating class towards the O-Levels (albeit in a more minor role, paired with another teacher and primarily taking charge of extra remediation for students). I could even talk about how I’d visited Walt Disney World at the end of 2013, my very first foray into an American Disney park.

But why go into all these when they’re pretty much just dim memories in my mind now?

The one thing that has been at the back of my mind in recent months, including the end months of 2013, has got to be applying for MOE’s postgraduate scholarship. For awhile now I’ve been wondering why exactly I want it – is it just a break from work I desire? A chance to briefly live abroad once again? Hardly the noblest of reasons. Surely there has to be more to this!

Today I read an article on Raffles Press – What Prometheus Taught Us About Learning – and it resonated deeply within me. Students are bored at school, and in this case – the teacher is, too! After almost two years on the job, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really detest drill and practice – the incessant repetition of exam-style practices in preparation for the final exams. I must admit that there’s a lot more I can be doing in my current role since my school is starting to move away from that direction, but it’s been difficult for me to do so while taking graduating O-Level classes of my own.

And so, the strong desire to return to what I’m more fundamentally interested in – to contribute to the evolution of education through the use of technology in teaching. If ultimately I don’t get the scholarship, I’ll probably try to get posted to the ministry so I can contribute to this field on a national level.

The results will apparently only be communicated by the end of June, so it’s a long (agonising) wait in the meantime. Regardless, I think a rejuvenation of some sort is definitely in order as far as my career direction is involved.