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Back to the future?

Well… who knows?



There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it.
-George Bernard Shaw

May all you dreams come true, save one.
-David Gemmell

This blog is, though currently under-utilised, a miraculous (to me) archive of thoughts, allowing me to conveniently pull out snippets of thoughts from the past such as this one. One such snippet is this particular post from a decade ago, in which I’d listed some things I’d wanted, back then.

So ten years on, with most of the wishlist achieved (though with lots of room for improvement), I find myself feeling… contented. It’s not a particularly terrible position to be in (first world problem alert), but I do find myself feeling a little directionless at times. Perhaps because of a lack of regular introspection, I find that many of the things I do these days are done as part of a routine rather than any real passion. Even the job is starting to feel like just that – merely a job.

So what’s next? Starting the next generation seems to be a common step for many, and Lyndy’s recent visit has probably highlighted that as a possible path. There’re so many things to consider, though – it’s not quite a direction I’d want to venture into “just because”.

The next step? (Baby courtesy of the Kozloffs)

The next step? (Baby courtesy of the Kozloffs)

So as I trudge on into 2013, perhaps it’s time to seriously re-evaluate what direction I’d like to steer my life towards. Being contented’s great, but I’d like to avoid starting to stagnate at this stage of my life. Although – how precisely should one differentiate between the two?