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Platinum Card Invitation Package

Since I don’t really have anywhere else to archive this…


(Also, the actual card welcome package)




Just spent quite some time (over the past few days) fixing broken images from the posts in 2008-2010, which were for some reason messed up when migrating over from the previous (self-hosted) domain. If you’re actually subscribed to the feed (which I’d find rather surprising), that’s probably why you’d have noticed dozens of old posts appearing again. Now that I’m done, though, it’s back to regular programming – which is probably something to the tune of a blog post a month (or less)…

Life in Plastic

If I were to identify a bad habit of mine, the first thing I would identify is that I’m somewhat card-crazed. I frequently obsess over which combination of credit cards I can utilise to obtain the maximum discounts/rewards on my expenses, and regularly visit a discussion forum on the topic.

In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought this guy was me!

For the longest time, I’d lusted over the American Express Platinum Card – partially because of the many perks that come with the card, but also because its exclusive “by invite only” status made it an elusive target for me to aim towards – to one day qualify for the card.

Funnily enough, now that such an invitation has arrived (and not due to my income – I’m nowhere near the advertised income requirement), I find myself wondering if I should bother with it. The perks seem to be less attractive than before (e.g. no more companion tickets for business class on selected airlines), and yet the (rather hefty) annual fee remains the same.

I’d probably end up applying for it for a year (the welcome package is pretty nifty), but somehow this whole experience has been less exciting than previously envisioned.

Just another sign that the pursuit of material wealth is a hollow and meaningless venture?