Monthly Archives: April 2012

‘Reply All’ Rage

This is so simultaneously painful and hilarious that I’ve decided it warrants a blog post of its own.

This all began with one school organising a sharing session that they’d opened up to other schools to attend. The guy in charge made the mistake of not BCCing the recipient list (comprising principals, vice-principals and teachers from various secondary schools and higher institutes around the country – thousands of education officers), and I suppose after receiving three emails about the event (over a three month period), somebody decided that he/she was not meant to be receiving these emails, which has led to an almost-week-long deluge of nonsensical emails being sent to all the unwilling recipients.

I guess this all highlights how crowd mentality comes into play and a sad lack of understanding on how email works – leading to the lack of consideration in deciding to ‘reply all’ without considering your actual target audience.

20 Apr 2012(Fri)

This blew my mind. How can somebody reply to an email saying ‘pl check email address carefully’, when it’s obvious that (she?) herself has failed to do so? And by deciding to ‘reply all’, she’d pretty much set the precedence for other people to send their requests trickling in.

23 Apr 2012 (Mon)

After a horde of unsubscription requests, some well-meaning officers replying to attempt to request that people stop contributing to the spam and other irate outbursts, somebody attempts to stem the tide by declaring the next offender to be a douche. You can imagine how effective this threat was.

25 Apr 2012 (Wed)

I think this email speaks for itself. Needless to say, just 56 minutes later, someone still manages to email everyone to request ‘Pls remove me from this mailing list’.