Monthly Archives: March 2012

Exploitation of the Exam

I noticed a new picture in my Facebook news feed today – it was uploaded to an album titled Exploitation of the Exam, which immediately rang alarm bells – so I took a look at it, and lo and behold, a marking error from last year’s mid-year examination, proudly displayed for all to see!

I guess it’s water under the bridge now (plus I wasn’t the one who’d marked his paper), but I didn’t think it was very wise of him to publicise that on Facebook… Oh well, kids will be kids.

What was even more amazing (to me), however, were these other gems I’d found in the album (apparently doodled onto Mother Tongue examination papers):

In my mind, this guy should get a medal for those, but I suspect that’s a view I’ll never be allowed to officially express!


Touching lives?

Today, one of my former students approached me to thank me for encouraging him to apply for the in-house Humanities Award – although he didn’t get it, he’s been awarded the MOE Humanities Scholarship, which is still pretty sweet.

The reason I’d told him to go for it was pretty simple – he’s one of those perfect-score types, but during one of the Parent-Teacher Meetings his mother shared that she had actively dissuaded him from offering Literature at the upper secondary level, although that was actually his interest. The Humanities programme seemed to be a good solution to that, combining the prestige his parents were concerned about with a good exposure to Literature, so it seemed only logical for me to just encourage him to consider that path.

It was really a simple act, but it resulted in a situation that he’s (at least for now) pretty happy with, and acted as a sobering reminder that the things I do can indeed make a difference.