Old writings, new writings

My form class started asking me when the last time I’d written a short story was, and whether they could take a look at what I’d written. That’s when I remembered that I’d put some of my old essays online back in 2000, and could probably rescue a few to share in class.

(A part of me wonders if that’s a wise move, but I guess if they were rated as well-written for a 16-year-old student, they won’t be judged too critically by overly-perceptive 13-year-olds.)

Will need to clean up some of the commentary, though. 16-year-old me (who was apparently EmoBoy and decidedly not a bot) was a real whiner! Guess I’ll post some of the old stuff here when done, and who knows? Maybe I’ll feel inspired to try my hand at writing fiction again this year!


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