Monetised geekdom

So I was spending some time resuscitating my domain names earlier (I’m about US$1 away from receiving my next US$100 AdSense cheque, so I figured it was worth paying $10 to achieve that target on the MWBS Wiki) when the wife asked how much I’d made off that site.

I was rather curious too, so I did a quick search on my AdSense history and it seems that I’ve actually made US$800 (probably more than S$1000) over four years. That’s not too much in terms of monthly income, but it’s a pretty decent amount gained from what stemmed from a brief obsession with a Facebook game.

I’m not particularly entrepreneurial by nature (probably too averse to risk), but this brief flirtation with online advertising has convinced me that it’s definitely worth aligning your passions with money-making opportunities. Now, if only I could think up another hobby that could help supplement my income to an even greater degree!


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