The cost of introversion

The latest issue of TIME has an article titled The Upside of Being an Introvert; I’ve read similar stuff before, but the concept of being an introvert in a society dominated by extroverts is once again especially pertinent now that I’m about to uproot myself from my current workplace and move on to a new one.

Many of the ‘quirks’ described in the article apply to me. I don’t particularly like being around people just for company’s sake – I generally enjoy quick and efficient 10-minute lunches at work, occasionally mingling with whoever’s in the pantry (mostly other introverts, I suspect). I prefer working on assignments on my own without the hassle of collaborating with others, and dread tiresome lengthy meetings where it seems so very little gets done. Now that I’ve become relatively comfortable at my current workplace, why have I chosen to start over at a new one?

I don’t doubt that I’ll perform decently enough at the new place, but the thought of the social aspects involved with this does weary me somewhat. Is this the only way to rise, then, if I’m not content with simply waiting for a suitable position to open up wherever I’m working? Is this simply the price that an introvert with aspirations must pay?


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