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The high cost of living

Was looking through housing expenses recently – aside from the actual cost of the flat (which thankfully has been almost entirely funded by CPF, so our actual cashflow isn’t really affected), we’ve spent almost $20k on doing up the interior of the place, with some additions to follow soon – and after looking up average expenses online, this is apparently considered to be on the cheap side already. It’s no wonder people often have to save up for awhile before marriage.

At the end of the day, though, these costs translate clearly into the state of the flat , and I must say that having a nice place to call your own is definitely a wonderful feeling to have. I think I finally understand why home ownership is such an integral portion of the American/Singaporean Dream!



(Sort of cross-posted with my other blog, I guess I can’t help bragging a little.)

I don’t think I’ve been very focused this year in my teaching, but it’s heartening to see the students mostly found it alright… gave them a simple online survey to work on for post-examination subject review, and it seems I’ve received a pretty good score!

(Just one of the survey items, it wasn’t THAT simple)

This might not really be representative of all my students’ opinions (only 71 of 96 students responded), but simple things like these really do help in encouraging me to work harder at improving my teaching…

In other (related) news, I really like the way this kid thinks! =D