Monthly Archives: August 2011

Publicised ignorance

A recent tweet by Singapore’s (arguably) most popular blogger mr brown has got me really annoyed – so much so that I actually brought it up briefly in class (as an unrelated topic) at the start of a lesson. Essentially, the link in question showed one of the recent recipients of the President’s Scholarship, a Singaporean dual citizen.

The thing is – you can only really attain dual citizenship in Singapore via a small number of ways, meaning that the implied accusation (that a ‘PRC student’ is being subjected to a different set of laws from other Singaporeans) is not a wholly accurate one, but it also means that the said student is actually likely to be giving up her non-Singaporean citizenship soon, and should perhaps instead be commended for her patriotism (assuming that being Singaporean is indeed the issue here).

As the nation experiences an influx of immigrants and growing xenophobia, I am somewhat disappointed that someone as intelligent as mr brown has participated in this spread of sensationalist misinformation. Is this, perhaps, simply a sign of times to come?