Monthly Archives: July 2011


Am now parked at may not be up for that much longer (supposed lifetime hosting division was sold off), I’m guessing that will be around for substantially longer.

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A change of perspective

When I was younger, I had dismissed the prospect of working in the private sector, believing that I would not be able to gain job satisfaction in a workplace that regards making money as its sole motivator. Now older, with a better understanding of how things seem to be run in the public sector, I’m starting to rethink this – partly due to the realisation that the public service, despite a commitment to the greater societal good, might be unable to bring about this goal efficiently on its own; but also because of the (rather obvious) realisation that the primary motivator of a private organisation need not necessarily be profit – and even if that is the case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making people happy and making some money at the same time!

I’m currently in a little of a mid-bond crisis right now – if forced to choose between the two, should I pursue the path that simply advances my current career path, or one that builds up my ability to possibly contribute to the education service as an external agent?

(Yes, I’ve been thinking of startup possibilities…)