Monthly Archives: May 2011


Yes, I suppose that’s the age I’ll be turning this year, but I’m actually referring to the latest member of my digital stable – a 27″ iMac.

I had actually planned to quit the whole Apple affair and start using a Windows 7 machine instead, but after about 2 weeks with the new system I decided I actually rather missed the feel of OSX. Plus, the new iMac looked pretty tempting – although pricier, the top-end model was actually even more highly specced than my newish PC purchase! So in the end, I caved and utilised Dell’s excellent returns policy, getting myself a new machine from Apple in the process.

Aside from the OS experience, ease of resale and of data migration were the other factors that got me back – It really takes too much trouble transferring all my data every time I switch computers. Looks like I’ll be using the Mac for a little while longer!


beschuit met muisjes

Those muisjes things contain aniseed. I must say, I’m not a big fan. =/

It is a Dutch tradition to treat guests, friends and colleagues to “beschuit met muisjes” (“biscuit with mice”) to celebrate the birth of a son (blue mice) or daughter (pink mice). According to my wife, this “treat” is disgusting and unsuited to the Asian palate. However, if you feel brave and want to give it a try anyway, do make your way to the pantry sometime today.