NTU Alumni Office slip-up

Just a day after I’d whined about the inability to conveniently opt out of NTU alumni emails, the universe decides to prove me right and have them commit a massive breach of privacy (albeit accidentally, probably, although someone’s suggested otherwise).

I suppose it was an honest enough mistake – accidentally emailing somebody’s contact details (mailing address, handphone number, even the graduation year from NIE) to the entire alumni email list could happen to anyone, right? I’m pretty amused by the subsequent fire-fighting attempt – how many private emails would be accessed using Outlook? Does a message recall even work outside of your own Exchange server?

I guess I should be kinder (my own university club had forgotten to BCC all recipients in the past, thus accidentally revealing subscribed email addresses), but it’s just so difficult to sympathise with an organisation that sends you unsolicited mail without an easy option for unsubscription.


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