Monthly Archives: March 2010

Thanks for all the fish

I haven’t been blogging very frequently as of late, and though I’m a mere 19 months away from making it to that cool one-decade-of-blogging mark, I think it’s time to call it a day.

I’d started blogging slightly over 8 years ago on LiveJournal, back when I was younger, had more time on my hands, was filled with angst and was probably craving attention – quite the typical teen. Today however, many of these factors no longer apply, and with the rise of microblogging, I find that there simply isn’t much reason for me to continue blogging anymore.

I will probably continue this personal journal of mine on other platforms such as Google Buzz (feed here), which I’m currently using to consolidate most of my personal online activity.

I’ve also created a new blog and currently plan to update as frequently as once every week (time permitting), but since it’s going to be a more professional site, it might end up being rather dry and boring (if this blog wasn’t already), so I guess I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not you’ll be interested in checking it out.

So I guess this is it, then!