Monthly Archives: January 2010

Passive-aggressive WiFi

Just found out that I’ve got my very own passive-aggressive WiFi-broadcasting neighbour. Not as imaginative as the ones shown here, but still… huh!



I know it’s childish, but somehow I can’t help but be amused by the lower left icon on my work computer…

Fodder analysis

Showed my sec1 classes the trailer for Mad About English. Most of them found it amusing, but somehow the GE classes laughed the hardest. Like exaggeratedly so. I wonder if this is just a sign that they’re less inhibited and restrained, or if they are really less able to empathise with slow learners…

(Is it true? Are GEPpers really socially retarded?)

Hello 3.0

I’ve decided to do a redesign – it’s not really all that sudden, considering it’s been about 11 months since the last one, but I wasn’t really all that bothered about layout until a few days ago. In the course of recent mucking about with WordPress (hoping to make use of it more fully in my classes this year) and discovering Facebook Connect, which I’m hoping will increase student discussion on an English blog, I suddenly felt inspired to update this blog as well.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how this all works, but in the meantime, do feel free to knock yourself out logging in via Facebook and leaving a comment or two ;P

(edit: I’ve decided to disable the feature ultimately – the inability to get notifications via email is kinda a deal-breaker for me. oh well, maybe next time, when better integration is available!)

Farewell, Victory Saber

I said goodbye to Victory Saber today.

For years, it had been the jewel of my (relatively small) Transformers collection. Even when I’d decided to scale down on the size of my (rather costly) vintage collection, this was the piece I’d decided to keep, and hadn’t expected to let go of… well, ever.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but my sudden desire to purchase old toys during my JC days was probably fuelled by a longing for the simpler childhood days, of happier days when black was black and white was white; or perhaps they weren’t, but I hardly knew otherwise. A time when everything seemed so whole and complete, when leisure was watching the Japanese version of Transformers on Malaysian TV channels. It sounds rather pathetic now, but in essence… I purchased vintage toys as a distraction, to comfort myself with the idea that it was possible to buy objects to replace what was missing in my life.

I guess I’ve outgrown toys now, though. I’ve learned to deal with what life throws at you, and that material things can never, ever replace love. Special as they used to be to me, these items have ended up merely gathering dust in my house, and I’ve figured that with expenses looking to skyrocket this year, I may as well let go of them for some extra cash.

Farewell, Victory Saber. I never planned for this, but it’s just as well, I think.

Project 365, 2010

It’s begun! Hopefully I update it frequently. You can see the most recent photo(s) on the left right of this site, but assuming you want to access it more conveniently, here’re the appropriate links to bookmark or subscribe to.

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