Gallivanting around town

I’d got a free eat@Meritus card through the OCBC credit card promotion and am thus currently enjoying 50% off meals at the Chatterbox (when dining as a pair). I actually quite enjoy the chicken rice there, although since that was the only thing I’d tried I thought I should experiment a little. I got myself a Nasi Goreng Istimewa, and Ailin ordered the Lobster Laksa, but they were rather… lacklustre. Certainly not worth the high prices, even after the discount. I’m sticking to chicken rice in the future!

(We also had fun with the Marché cow at 313@somerset. It’s nice to see Marché making a return in Singapore, although I don’t think I’ll be eating there anytime soon.)

Toast Box is currently giving out free drink vouchers to bribe you into voting for them for ‘Best Brands’ or something, so all you need to do is to approach people in the shop who are giving out surveys and send a SMS text message in front of them (after filling in a very short survey) to receive a free voucher. The text message costs 20¢, so it’s not entirely free, but that’s a pretty good deal nonetheless!


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