Ippudo Singapore soft launch

Ippudo’s finally arrived in Singapore, and after a failed attempt to get in yesterday (the queue was too long so we didn’t bother waiting), we plotted to get there when it opened today at 1130 and voila! We procured our ramen fix.

The ramen was pretty pricey at $15++ (add extra meat to your meal and you’ll probably end up paying in excess of $20), but wow, was it tasty! The broth isn’t as sinfully (porkily) thick and delicious as Daruma Taishi in Japan, but it was well mixed with garlic oil and miso to create a beautiful blend of flavours. This might now be my favourite ramen place in Singapore, topping even Yoshimaru.

They even included a comic (in English, Japanese and Chinese) in the restaurant explaining the intricacies of ordering ramen, presumably for (Kyushu-style) ramen newbies. I’d found it pretty confusing initially, until I realised that the panels are arranged in a right-to-left manner, the way Japanese manga is. Amusing stuff.


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