Approval ratings

So the elective modules have come to an end. I’ve had my fair share of students sleeping in class, but I wasn’t particularly strict on them since it’s, after all, meant to be for enrichment. Hearteningly enough, I also had a fair share of students listening rather raptly. Even more encouraging was another bunch of feedback I’ve managed to dig out from alternative sources =P

I know that these represent a very small sample of students (who bothered to blog about their experiences in a Google-able manner), which is possibly self-selecting in the sense that those who hated the module chose not to discuss it at all. However, it’s still good to know that there’re at least a few students who’d enjoyed themselves, and I hope I’ve given some of them at least a greater understanding of what Psychology really is, and who knows? Perhaps some of them will even go on to read it at university.


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  1. vanilla sister

    actually i think students who hate the module would rant about how much it stinks… so you’re probably all right :D

    i love how the other teacher is “mr ho” and you’re “louis tan”. awww, first-name basis!

    • (somehow i didn’t get email notification regarding this comment, so i’ve only just noticed it)

      regarding lack of hate blogs: what a comforting thought! =D

      but yes, i dunno why i’m not “mr tan”. i get no respekt! =/

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