Monthly Archives: October 2009

Panasonic GF1

Got my GF1 at last! This is actually my third interchangeable-lens camera – I’d started small with the D40 and then upgraded to a D90, but I’ve decided to abandon the DSLR format and go with µ4/3 instead. I made a small loss from the old camera (S$30), but I think that’s a pretty small price to pay for nearly four months’ worth of DSLR usage (plus the whole learning experience)!

I haven’t really used the new camera all that much yet, though I did manage to get a few shots in the camera shop and the zoo (was bringing some foreign friends around), and even with the default settings, it’s looking pretty good! Probably not as nice as with a DSLR (depth-of-field isn’t really all that shallow even at f/1.7), but it’s definitely a lot more portable!


Facebook spying

I had some Facebook friend requests from students as early as during my practicum, and I’d deliberated for some time before deciding to accept those requests. The basic idea was that hey, I don’t really have much that I’m hiding anyway, plus it seemed like a way to get to know the kids better. I don’t actively stalk their profiles (who has the time?), but occasionally some really funny gems end up on my main page anyway.

Essentially, the head prefect had failed to write his name on his examination script, and when the discipline master (who was invigilating) made a fuss about it, he’d sheepishly owned up – much to his classmates’ amusement. I wish I’d been there! =P

This one was rather sad really. Here we see ‘elite school’ kids bragging to each other about… how little they study. Which is totally funny (painfully funny? funnily painful?), because of course I wasn’t doing anything of the kind a decade ago!

(…or was I? I can’t really remember. But I suspect it’s possible. How very depressing!)

A little work pride

This will sound a little pathetic, but I’m actually taking great pride in a detailed answer scheme for the end-of-year examinations that I helped to kick-start. The previous one was alright, but this one has made marking so much easier!

(How exciting a teacher’s life is.)

Approval ratings

So the elective modules have come to an end. I’ve had my fair share of students sleeping in class, but I wasn’t particularly strict on them since it’s, after all, meant to be for enrichment. Hearteningly enough, I also had a fair share of students listening rather raptly. Even more encouraging was another bunch of feedback I’ve managed to dig out from alternative sources =P

I know that these represent a very small sample of students (who bothered to blog about their experiences in a Google-able manner), which is possibly self-selecting in the sense that those who hated the module chose not to discuss it at all. However, it’s still good to know that there’re at least a few students who’d enjoyed themselves, and I hope I’ve given some of them at least a greater understanding of what Psychology really is, and who knows? Perhaps some of them will even go on to read it at university.