Monthly Archives: September 2009

Nippon makan

  1. Kuishin Bo has a buffet offer for weekday lunches – finish it within an hour and have it (relatively) cheap! I brought my sister there during the September break to give it a try, but somehow it wasn’t as good as I remember. Either the quality has dropped, or my palate has suddenly decided to gain some standard, somehow.
  2. I do rather miss good ramen, and Yoshimaru Ramen has a branch near Ailin’s place, so we decided to head there for a try. It’s no Daruma Taishi, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. The broth could be more flavourful, but the noodles are done quite well.
  3. Ever on the quest for the best tonkotsu ramen in Singapore, we decided to give Ramen Santouka a try as well. The broth and pork were really good, but I didn’t love the noodles all that much. I wonder if Ippudo will be able to provide that perfect ramen fix?


So I’ve been running two elective modules for the past week now, and though one of them’s off on a rather rocky start, I’m rather glad about how the other one’s shaping up. I’m never be too sure about how my students are feeling about the lesson, though, so I’ve turned to Google Blog Search for a little extra information. One reviewer in particular seems to have really taken to the sessions so far – hopefully I’ve managed to successfully give them a taste of what Psychology is about!

Other reviews are less obviously approving (like, is ‘the teacher is quite lol’ supposed to be good or bad?), but overall it seems like this one module’s been received quite well thus far. Of course, this sample represents the population that has expressed their thoughts on an easily-found blog, but it’s rather heartening nonetheless!

In and out of school

  1. Spotted in a sec1 classroom – a quick ‘cheat sheet’ for various logical arguments, probably from their philosophy lessons. I don’t remember being formally taught logical thinking during my student days, but I do think it’s a useful skill that definitely deserves some lesson airtime. I particularly love how little robot pictures have been added to (presumably) make it more interesting for the kids, though.
  2. This is the gate I typically use to get into the school. Try to spot the reason I’d bothered to snap a picture of it in the first place.
  3. RAGE XIV (the Guitar Ensemble concert) has just passed – for the encore item, the curtains opened to reveal a half-asleep ensemble playing their piece rather sluggishly, much to the audience’s amusement. Going through the concert preparation reminded me of the good ol’ days a decade ago, back when it was still held in LT1. Ah, how times have changed!

Google Chrome for Mac

I’ve been getting rather fed up with Firefox and how sluggishly it responds these days, and having discovered that Google Chrome is already available for the Mac (albeit only as a developer pre-release version), I decided to give it a spin. I was pretty amazed by the mind-blowing speed (possibly faster than Safari on the Mac), but unfortunately some pretty basic features such as the bookmark manager and QuickTime integration aren’t working yet. I’m actually looking forward to the built-in integration (which allows instant lookup of words with a keyboard shortcut), but that isn’t quite working yet (apparently it works in the location bar – not the most helpful of places).

I guess what they said was right after all. “…please DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.” Still, I’m pretty excited about it, and might possibly be making it my primary browser once a stable (or even beta) version emerges…