Beefy goodness

  1. I’d went for a Kagoshima Wagyu tasting session awhile back, and while I certainly did enjoy the steak, it’s not something I’d pay such a premium price for again. Anyway, while I really do enjoy fatty Japanese beef, I think it’s better prepared yakiniku style, rather than grilled as a whole steak.
  2. I was looking for the male toilet in the Cathay building and almost didn’t find it – the normal ‘Gentlemen’ label had been (rather cleverly) replaced by an advertisement for Brüno. While it isn’t a show I’m interested in catching, I did think it was a rather clever promotion.
  3. There’s such a thing as going too far, though – having the face of a movie character (a gay one, at that) staring out at me from the urinal can be somewhat disconcerting, to say the least. Still a funny concept, though.

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