Bits and pieces

Seems like I’ve somehow gone into photoblogging. It wasn’t really a conscious thing – I just tend to take the random photo on my (phone) camera, so I figured this is probably the place to upload them and ensure they don’t just disappear into obscurity forever.

Kinda like that old Project 365 of mine, except the updates are nowhere as regular.

  1. It seems I haven’t really broken out of my comfort zone very much at school – I’ve been assigned back to my old CCA (Guitar Ensemble), although that was also very much because they desperately needed another teacher there (two of the three teachers-in-charge had just left) – I would actually have liked Photography Club, really! The room’s still pretty much the same (and older, which is somewhat icky), except that the Chinese Orchestra no longer shares the place (no more timpani to mess around with). Their door has also since become the main entrance to the room.
  2. I was eating tim sum when I noticed that some of the baskets they were using had the Japanese character no (の) on them. With my limited knowledge of the language I identified that as the possessive particle, although interestingly enough they seem to have subtitled it as the Chinese word zhī (之). I wonder if the Japanese form is really derived from that?
  3. I went down for a ‘coffee talk session’ with George Yeo at a McDonald’s in Hougang, and while it wasn’t really particularly enlightening, I came to realise that you can quite easily volunteer to help out for the Meet-the-People Sessions. Since I’ve some interest in finding out more about the problems that trouble my fellow countrymen, I’ve decided to give some of my time helping out. I’ve gone for one session so far, and I think I will be going back for more.

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