Round the island

  1. Visited Tampines 1 for the first time recently. It seems almost sad that the typical ‘latest place’ to check out tends to be newly-opened malls, but I suppose that’s just the way it is in urban Singapore. It seemed nice enough, especially if you live in the area, but I guess the main attraction for me would be the UNIQLO outlet – I quite liked the label when I was in Japan, and the prices don’t seem to be marked up too much over here. There’ll be a new branch opening in a more central location soon, though, so I don’t think I’ll really be visiting Tampines 1 very much.
  2. The Singapore Food Festival has just recently passed, and on the last day I happened upon a stall near my house that was selling (apparently Tunisian) kebab. It looked decent enough – made of real chunks of chicken instead of just processed meat like they do in the UK – but unfortunately it didn’t match up to the memories of the wonderful gyros meals I had in Athens. There’s something about roasted pork slivers that chicken just can’t emulate, I think.
  3. The (not-so-)exciting Google conference room. I ended up going for the AdSense workshop in the end, and though it was really rather boring (going through tips that are mainly available on their websites), at least I’ve earned some geeky bragging rights. Their beverage bar in the conference room was amazingly well-stocked, though – they had Yakult and even Orangina, which I actually really enjoy but find to be rather rare and expensive these days.

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  1. Interesting! There are lots of UNIQLO opened in London! And Orangina is launching here too!

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