Tweet-bate Step #1

I’ve come up with a WordPress site that I’m planning to use for the first phase of my unit on debates (yes, we’re teaching that at my school, which is simultaneously cool and scary, considering that I actually know very little about them). The plan is to tap on their existing expository-writing skills and their love for things web-related to bring them through topical discussions, culminating in a mini-debate held conducted via Twitter.

I’ve no idea how successful this will be – in my head it could turn out awesomely well, or turn into an awesome failure.

p.s. Any ideas about the title for the site? I started with ‘Talking Point’ and that seemed somewhat blah. ‘In Focus’ isn’t much better, really.


Posted on July 28, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Is ‘Textual Intercourse’ too risqué for our immature 15-year-olds? Somehow I suspect that it might be. Pretty awesome title, though! =D

    • vanilla sister

      i like “textual intercourse” :D i think 15-year-old boys will appreciate that. i also note with approval your adoption of “tweetbate”. and midori-san’s appearance on the front page. though sadly i am still at a loss to come up with a meaningful debate motion that incorporates him/her/it :(

      • unfortunately, my colleague warned me that parents might object even if the students probably won’t bat an eyelid. so i’m currently sticking to ‘preparing de bait’, which is pretty funny in its own right. i think.

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