School days

  1. Flu season in Singapore leads to many teachers being out of action, and classes getting isolated (if a substantial percentage of the class is sick). I was asked to relieve a colleague for one of these isolated classes, and instructed to wear a mask while teaching them. I wonder if these masks will ever gain as widespread an acceptance as they do in Japan?
  2. I’d idly asked one of my Chinese students in my form class about the contents of his water bottle (greenish liquids with lumpy things really attract attention – I could easily guess what was inside, but I’d just never seen Chinese tea in a school water bottle before!), and a few days later he proceeded to give me a box of tea leaves. I don’t know if this is the norm in China, but I accepted it thinking maybe it’s a cultural thing to be so trigger-happy with gifts. Hope I’m not breaking any rules by doing so!
  3. It was Racial Harmony Day today, and the Parents’ Association set up some booths selling ethnic food. I got myself a Peranakan set meal which was really hearty and quite delicious – the stalls were starting to close by the time I got there, so the Indonesian stall just gave me a free piece of fried chicken as well. Mmm.

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  1. Chinese bribery with tea!
    :) I did that when I was young, but was told by parents to bring tea (and other stuff) to teachers.

    But looking at the packaging, maybe it’s too old to be a bribe.

    • haha! that explains everything! yeah i was wondering about the packaging, there’s a strange recess in the middle of the box, did it use to have a ribbon there or something? hmm.

  2. vanilla sister


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