The Shack

Mack once told me that he used to speak his mind more freely in his younger years, but he admitted that most of such talk was a survival mechanism to cover his hurts; he often ended up spewing his pain on everyone around him. He says that he had a way of pointing out people’s faults and humiliating them while maintaining his own sense of false power and control. Not too endearing.

(From The Shack – this description’s perhaps a little too painfully familiar.)

I’ve been curious about the book for the longest time, but only got down to reading it today. While the premise seemed interesting enough, the writing style was just too dreary for me to endure. I attempted to quickly flip to the conversations between God and the protagonist, but even that was pretty much filled with simplistic un-biblical theology.

Not that I’ve really got anything against un-biblical theology, just that it wasn’t anything particularly impressive – if I’d wanted personally-crafted versions of the Christian theology, I’ve got plenty already.

All in all, I pretty much agree with John’s review of the book. Though there were some good bits, it was overall (from what I read) dull and rather lacklustre – I don’t quite understand how it’s achieved its tremendous sales figures. Although I suppose anything that gets people thinking about their faith (whatever they decide) is probably a good thing. I guess.


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  1. It’s a sad world when I see someone like you and John….. Do not get the bigger picture!


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