Photos from the phone

Just some random pictures I dug out of my phone today.

  1. I was at the Science Centre recently for an NIE-organised excursion, and found it surprisingly enjoyable. I haven’t actually been there in quite some time, so the quality of exhibits was really quite impressive to me. I was somewhat amused to find a giant version of Puff, M.D. there.
  2. Met up with some of the 2K guys awhile back at Cedele (Raffles City). The one on the third floor was less crowded (and a lot harder to find), so apparently they’d decided to decorate some pillars to help point the way. I’d somehow managed to miss it anyway, but when I did see it, I was thoroughly amused (it seems I might be a little too easily amused).
  3. Spotted some newfangled flavours of Pringles potato chips at NTUC recently – I got a tube of the Buffalo wings one, but it was disappointingly lacklustre (merely tasting like tobasco sauce on chips). I suspect that I won’t really be enjoying any product as much as the fantastic Thai Sweet Chilli crisps anymore – anyone knows if I can get them in Singapore? Hmm, I wonder if there’s money to be made importing cereal and potato chips…

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