Serious cereal

I actually really enjoy having cereal for breakfast. It’s quick, pretty tasty, and provides a boost of dietary fibre to my not-too-green eating habits (I do eat my veggies, but usually only what’s on my plate).

So I’ve really missed Jordans Country Crisp (Four Nut Crunch), which was my favourite breakfast cereal back when I was in the UK. I was really happy to find that Meidi-Ya (of all places!) in Singapore stocked it, but a recent trip there showed that they no longer do so. Anyone knows where else I might be able to find it?

On my recent trip to Japan, Ailin introduced me to a Japanese cereal (Calbee granola) which I’d really enjoyed. The best part is that it’s (apparently) got no added sugar, opting to get the flavour from the dried fruit bits, but it still manages to taste pretty good without that cloying sweet taste that many commercial cereals have.

I managed to find something similar in Singapore in a Japanese import store near my place, but since it’s selling it at S$15 for 360g (about triple the price of the Calbee equivalent in Japan), I don’t think it’ll become my breakfast staple. Looks like I’ll be sticking to Post Banana Nut Crunch for awhile.


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