Upgrade time!

(Yes, the camera-Nazis can proceed to laugh at me now.)

Frustrated by the lack of (cheap) fast prime lenses for the D40, I’ve just upgraded to a D90. Bought it second-hand (again) together with one such prime lens, at just S$20 above my budgeted price – since there’s still more than half a year on the warranty, I figured that was a price worth paying. I’m currently quite behind on the savings schedule, but since that’s all I’m really planning to spend for awhile, I guess I should be catching up in the months ahead.

Happily, I was able to sell my D40 at no loss to myself – amazingly, through the magic of the second hand market, I was able to try out DSLR photography for a month at absolutely no monetary cost to myself. How cool is that?

The new camera has quite a few more knobs and buttons, and while I can safely ignore them for basic usage, I’d better figure out what exactly everything does sometime soon!


Posted on June 22, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. erhem, yeah that’s rather fast huh. nice camera.

    i really hate them for creating the lens issue on the D5000 and below. such a crappy marketing ploy.

    seeing as you only grabbed one 50mm lens now, i’m pretty sure you’re going to buy something else real soon. there goes more money =p i actually quite like the 18-105 D90 kit lens.

    • i have the 18-55 VR kit lens too, haven’t found that i need the 55-105 range much. yet. maybe in the future? although i might go for the 18-200 then, i dunno.

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